Texas Cheer Events

Texas’s Top Cheerleading Nationals

Not all cheerleader championships are the same, and we are here to prove that we offer some of the best! If you are searching for the perfect cheerleading nationals to showcase your athletes’ abilities, then WSA is the company to call. Our state of the art technology, light systems, and sound systems will keep your athletes’ energy high from that first 5-6-7-8 all the way to the end of the routine.

Show Texas What Your Teams Can Do!

Each and every one of your athletes deserves to have the spotlight. That’s why we happily offer our stage to all cheerleaders, from Exhibition teams, to All Star Prep teams, to All Star teams. With WSA’s cheerleading nationals, you can be sure that each of your athletes will receive the encouragement and support they need to rock that performance mat. We welcome all Texas gyms (and any gyms willing to travel!) to show our judges what they can do. Your team might even win the title of “Grand Champion!”

If you are bringing your level 5 team to compete, don’t forget about our Grand Nationals! WSA proudly offers bids to the Cheerleading Worlds at our Grand Nationals competition, so be sure not to miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Travel Arrangements

For those of you who are traveling to compete at our cheerleading nationals, make sure you are set up with the best hotel accommodations! We want to ensure that your athletes can get to the performance venue on time with no worries about traffic. Check out our list of nearby hotels to help you make your decision.

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Your athletes are ready to compete. It’s time to take center stage and show them what the work is all about. We look forward to seeing your athletes and their families as your teams take the mat!