Policies & Procedures

WSA is a Tier 1 member of the USASF and follows all rules and regulations set forth by the USASF.  Please refer to usasf.net to view all their 2020-2021 updated rules and regulations.

All gyms are required to have each athlete sign the WAIVER/MINOR RELEASE FORM and turn it in for each competition. You can download the form below.

[Click To Download Waiver/Minor Release Form]

1. Cheer teams must have no less than 5 members. Dance teams must have no less than 4 members. Please refer to specific USASF divisions guidelines in order to see the maximum number of team members allowed in each division.

2. Routine Time Limits:

  • Cheer Teams: 2 minutes & 30 seconds
  • Dance Teams: 2 minutes & 30 seconds
  • All Star Rec/Club Cheer: 2 minutes & 30 seconds
  • All Star Prep: 2 minutes
  • Partner/Group Stunts: 1 minute & 30 seconds
  • Best Cheerleader: 1 minute & 30 seconds
  • Crowd Pleaser: 1 minute & 30 seconds
  • Dance Solos/Duos/Trios: 1 minute & 30 seconds
  • Cheer Duos/Trios/Quads: 1 minute & 30 seconds
  • Power Jumps: 45 seconds
  • Power Tumblers: 1 minute & 30 seconds

There are no minimum time requirements on any type of routine. Timing and judging of routines will begin with the first organized movement or the first note of music. Timing will end with the last note of music or when the ending motion or pose is held. All participants should walk or spirit onto the floor and immediately start their routine after placement of any props.

**All Solo, Duo, Trio and Quad Routines will cost $75 per participant per routine.**

3. The main performance surface will be approximately 42 feet deep by 54 feet wide. For safety   purposes, we require everyone to perform their routine on the performance surface. There is no deduction for stepping off the surface.

4. Coaches are allowed to sit on the stage or performance floor for Tiny, Show Team & Special Needs divisions only. Coaches are not allowed to be on the stage or performance floor for any other divisions. (Exception: Cheer routine spotters. See Spotter Guidelines below for details.) Coaches can always stand next to the performance area by the sound table or preferred seating area in front of the performance floor (if applicable).

5. All routines must be suitable for viewing by audiences of all ages. Vulgar or suggestive music or material is not allowed and will result in a .25 point deduction for each incident. Vulgar or suggestive material is defined as any movement or choreography implying something improper or indecent, appearing offensive or sexual in content, and/or relaying lewd or profane gestures, implications or lyrics. Vulgarity will be determined at the discretion of the judges and/or event directors.

All Star Rec or Club Cheer

These are non-sanctioned divisions that do not count toward any Cheerleading Worlds bid. The maximum amount of practice time each week is only 2 hours

All Star Prep

These are non-sanctioned divisions that do not count toward any Cheerleading Worlds bid. The maximum routine length is 2 minutes. At any given, event an athlete may not crossover between teams competing in a standard division and teams competing in a ‘Prep’ division (and vice versa).

Spotter Guidelines

In an effort to provide a safe performance environment, WSA allows programs to provide their own routine spotters. We feel allowing programs to provide trained and knowledgeable routine spotters on the floor that are familiar with the performances and areas of the performance that may need “special attention,” the overall safety of the competition environment is improved. WSA will NOT be providing routine spotters. It will be up to the discretion of the coach how many routine spotters, if any, they choose to use. Please pay special attention to the stipulations and suggestions below.

Routine spotters are individuals affiliated with the performing program that are voluntarily provided by the performing program as a safety precaution for the routine. Routine spotters cannot be uniformed members of the competing team and must adhere to all rules below.

Rules for Routine Spotters
1. Routine spotters are there to help catch falls and/or mistakes, not to assist or save skills. Routine spotters may only be used for stunts, pyramids and/or basket tosses.

2. Flagrant contact (anything other than assuring the safety of the athletes involved) by a routine spotter that assists a stunt, toss or pyramid may result in a .25 deduction for each occurrence. Point deduction is at the sole discretion of WSA. The decision of the judges is FINAL.

3. Routine spotters MUST dress differently than the team so they are not mistaken for participants.

4. Routine spotters are for safety purposes only. Routine spotters should enter the stage behind their team and exit immediately ahead of their team.

5. WSA encourages the use of routine spotters, however, they are not required. Use your best judgment as to whether routine spotters are needed for your routine.


Please bring TWO high quality copies of your music to the event. CDs, iPods, or MP3 PLAYERS ONLY! Cassette tapes will not be accepted. One representative of your group or individual should be responsible for running the music during the competition. This person MUST remain at the sound booth station throughout the entire performance. In the event a routine is delayed or stopped due to the team’s operator error, timing of your routine will continue. No unnecessary team members, parents, etc. are allowed in the sound booth area. The representative from your group or individual is responsible for making any decisions should a routine interruption occur. In the event that a routine is interrupted, the following procedures will be followed:

Music Mishap Due to Failure of WSA or Team Music Equipment
If the music skips or cuts out during the routine the coach or designated team representative will need to decide if they want to re-perform their routine again in its entirety. If the team decides to re-perform their routine, the event director will place them in the next available time slot. This time slot is non-negotiable. The team must perform their routine full out from start to finish, and will be scored on the 2nd performance only. If a team decides not to re-perform their routine, the original routine will be scored in full. Only 2 performances will be allowed per team.

Lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter is known to cause issues with remixed cheer music. We suggest using another music source. We do provide this connection cable, as well as an aux cord and CD player.


Performance Area
Music may be stopped by a coach, team representative, or event staff member for a major injury only (i.e. broken bone, head, neck, back injury, etc). If the music is stopped due to a major injury, the team will be asked to exit the floor while an EMT is attending to the injured participant(s). The team will be allotted time to make adjustments to their performance and re-perform their routine at a later time. The time given is up to the discretion of the event director. The routine will be re-scored from the point the injury occurred. All scores received prior to the injury will remain the same.

Practice Area
The team may move to an open space in the warm-up area to work through their issues, and will be allotted time to make adjustments to their routine. The amount of time given will be decided by the event director. If the team takes the competition floor at their original competition time and does not notify the event producer of the injury, then they waive their right to make adjustments and compete at a later time.

Safety Violations and Review Process

The coach who picks up the team’s deduction page from the judges table will be notified that a safety violation has been committed. If the coach or representative believes this is a mistake, he or she will have the opportunity to discuss the violation with the event director or WSA rules judge. All decisions made are final.

A coach may point out a rule violation committed by another team to the event director. In order to provide equal respect and confidentiality to all teams, WSA will not discuss safety violations or deductions with any individual other than the coach, owner, or director of the team that committed the alleged infraction.

Scoring Errors

In the instance a score is added incorrectly and the error is caught at the event, the team will be properly awarded during the next awards ceremony if possible.

If a score is added incorrectly and the error is caught after the event, the score and placement will be corrected and results will be changed on the website. All teams involved will be notified and correct awards will be mailed.

Video Review at Events

No bobble or fall infractions will be reviewed.

Only safety infractions can be reviewed. These safety infractions will only be reviewed on a WSA video reviewing system. These infractions will only be reviewed by an event representative and the coach or director of the team that is being reviewed.

Ranging Challenges can be brought up by the team coach or director and will be reviewed by the WSA head judge and/or event director. Any and all rulings decided at the event are final.


WSA will promote sportsmanship by all who attend our events. Unsportsmanlike conduct by coaches, athletes and spectators during the event is not acceptable.

Coaches, Owners, and Directors
Much like every sport, when a coach is in discussion with an official, other coaches, athletes, and parents or spectators, they must maintain proper conduct. Failing to do so at any WSA event can/may result in a 1 point deduction, removal of coach, disqualification, etc. The WSA event director reserves the right to decide which appropriate action(s) to take.

Much like every sport, when an athlete participates they must conduct themselves with the utmost in sportsmanship and maintain proper conduct at all times. Failing to do so at any WSA event can/may result in a 1 point deduction, removal of athlete, etc. The WSA event director reserves the right to decide which appropriate action(s) to take.

Participant Age Discrepancies

Only a coach, owner, or director may challenge a participant’s age. To challenge a participant’s age, the challenge must be immediately brought to the attention of the event director. The event director will request proof of age for the participant in question.

The participant in question must supply official age verification (i.e. birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, report card or student ID) to the event manager no later than the Monday following the event at 5:00PM. The participant may provide proof to the event director at the event if it is available. If the participant in question IS in violation of age restrictions, the team will be disqualified.

Recruiting of Athletes or Promoting Gyms At WSA Events

The recruiting of athletes and promoting your gym to explicitly recruit athletes is strictly prohibited at all WSA events. The following are examples of what is NOT allowed:

  • Coaches, owners, and/or directors talking to other athletes about attending their gym.
  • Flyers that are handed out detailing tryout information, gym location, number, website, etc. inside arena or competition area and/or parking lot. (The handing out of inspirations and good luck messages is allowed as long as there is no promotional information other than gym or team name).
  • T-shirts with tryout dates on them. (T-shirts with gym name, logo, and/or website are acceptable as long as there is no reference to recruitment of athletes.
  • Recruiting of athletes/promoting gym at WSA events can/may result in a 1 point deduction, removal of owners, directors, or coaches, disqualification, etc.

Teams may report any issues to event management, but in order for us to assess a point deduction or disqualification, a member of our staff must actually witness such conduct and deem it unsportsmanlike. We cannot make a ruling based on hearsay alone. The WSA staff will not tolerate rude, angry, or disrespectful behavior. This behavior could also result in a 1 point deduction.

Refund Policy

WSA Brands applies the following cancellation policy for all competitions.

  • If your team needs to cancel for ANY reason, 90 or more days out from an event, you are eligible to receive a FULL refund.
  • If your team needs to cancel for ANY reason, 89-29 days before an event, you are eligible to TRANSFER your fees to another event. This must be submitted in writing. The event must occur within the same competition season.
  • If your team needs to cancel for ANY reason, 28 days or less before an event, there is NO REFUND.
  • If your team needs to reduce participant numbers for ANY reason, there is NO REFUND of the difference. The reduction can be applied to another event within the same competition season.
  • Any Transfer of Funds from a dropout to a different WSA Brands event within a 30-day period is done on a case by case basis.
  • Funds that are transferred from a previous event are non-refundable.
  • WSA Brands reserves the right to move team registration from an in-person event to a virtual event if state and local mandates are issued.

If an event is cancelled by WSA Brands and not rescheduled, the team may transfer the payment to another event, or may receive a FULL refund.

In case of inclement weather you can check our website and social media outlets at www.wsacheer.com for Weather Updates. If the facility is open, the event will go on. Please make any necessary travel arrangements so that you will not have any problems making it to the event on time. No special favors or performance times will be granted to those who arrive late for any reason (weather or otherwise). Furthermore, no refunds will be given on any WSA Brands expenses. Please keep an eye on the local and national weather forecasts so that you are prepared for any inclement weather. In the event of poor conditions, WSA Brands will put an announcement on our social media outlets with an update in the EXTREME case of cancellations.