4 Ways to Hit the Stunt Every Time


You’re confident in your tumbling. You could do your dance backward. Your toes are pointed, and your facials are spot-on. The only thing left? Making sure your stunt hits as you perform on that national cheer competition mat. As simple as that sounds, many cheerleaders know that it’s never that easy. Today, we’re here to share some of the best ways to make sure your stunt hits every single time. 

Get Your Stunt Group on the Same Page.

It happens all too often. The stunt falls a few times, so your coach makes you do it again. And again. And again. The stunt is getting harder, and your group isn’t hitting. What do you do? Chances are, someone in your group has given up. Take a second to think if it’s you. If it is, shift your attitude. If it isn’t, get on the same page. Hype up your teammates. Tell them you can do this. Make sure they are totally dedicated to making the stunt work because it won’t happen if one person stops trying. If you are really struggling with motivating yourself or others, get a coach involved. They will be more than happy to help. 

Know Your Grips…

A major part of hitting your stunt is knowing the best way to grip the foot and practicing the proper technique. From level one stomach-level libs to level four switch-ups and beyond, knowing where your hand goes and when is crucial. Don’t hesitate to ask if you aren’t sure where you should put your hands and at what time. Your coach will be excited and ready to guide you, especially if some slight hand adjustments can make your group more solid than ever.

…But Be Ready to Improvise.

If cheerleading was just about knowing where to place your hands and feet, everyone could do it. Sometimes, stunts go awry. You could have your hand in the perfect spot, only for the flyer’s foot to come down three inches too far forward. Instead of playing the blame game, it’s time to think. Smart cheerleaders are good cheerleaders. Add on determination, and you’re left with unstoppable athletes. If something goes wrong in a stunt, be ready to adjust to keep it in the air or release to catch your flyer safely

Practice Your Technique.

It’s one thing to hit in the gym, but it’s another thing entirely to perform when you’re on the competition mat. You’re tired, you’re nervous, and you probably aren’t at full mental capacity. So what can you rely on? Your technique. Proper technique will make it through if you practice like you are performing each and every time. The right stunting technique will make your group more likely to hit every single time. Never give up on technique because of exhaustion or fear.

WSA Cheer

At WSA, we know you are capable of doing some incredible stunts. Our goal is to see your whole team hit when you perform at our all-star cheerleading nationals. Practice hard, connect with your team, and we’ll see you at the start of the competition season!