Exciting Cheer Practice Themes


As the summer months go on, many all-star cheerleading gyms across the country are preparing for cheer camp, choreography, and team bonding events. As the practices get hotter and the days feel longer than ever, how can you add some extra fun back into your stunts and tumbling? We think the answer is themes! From itty bitty tinies to middle schoolers and teens, everyone loves a good themed practice. Here are some of our favorites.

Color Practice

Ask your teammates to dress head-to-toe in one color. Bonus points for stunt groups that coordinate their color! If you already have your stunt groups assigned, you’ll be able to do this one quite easily. This makes moving into larger formations more colorful, but it can create beautiful stunting Instagram posts and team bonding. If you don’t have stunt groups, pick any color you’d like. Coaches can create a game based on what color you are wearing, or you can take memorable photos in rainbow order. Bring colored popsicles for the end of practice to make the day more fun.

Battle Royale

From dark or camouflage clothing to war paint and headbands, look like you’re ready to fight for practice. Use that energy to fight for your stunts, charge into your tumbling with extra power, or just to look tough with your team. Battle-themed practice wear can add an extra level of motivation and grit you don’t normally feel with a high ponytail and bow, so feel free to let out your inner warrior. 

Shark Week

Shark Week isn’t necessarily that exciting, but you can make it fun with a shark week themed practice. Dress like an ocean creature, bring shark gummies to share with the team, and warm up to the Jaws theme song. Bring some blue sports drink bottles to finish practice strong with a tasty treat, or splurge on ocean-themed cupcakes to make it a party. If you really want to take this theme to the next level, talk to your coaches. Maybe they can give out a stuffed shark prize to the sharpest cheerleader at the end of practice.

Twin Day

If your team has an even number of people, do a twin day with a partner. Dress the same, style your hair the same, and make sure to take a snapshot of the two of you together. This is the time to get creative. We’ve seen athletes exchange colorful knee-high socks and put their hair up in crazy ponytails to make it super obvious who is partnered with who. The sky is the limit, as long as you can still practice safely!

WSA Cheer

At WSA, we love seeing athletes across the all-star cheerleading community come together and have a great time. Choose practice themes to have fun, work hard, and bond with your team. When your season finally starts and you’re ready to show the world what you can do, get in touch with WSA Cheer! We look forward to seeing you at a competition near your city