Branding All-Star Cheerleading Moves


“Brand” is one of those hot buzzwords business owners hear all the time. However, past the color and logo of your gym, does a brand really apply to you? The answer is a resounding YES. From creating team chants to designing your t-shirts, there is so much you can do to stand out from the other gyms in the area. However, one of the trends we’ve seen that we love is creating a brand in your movements. From creating a hand signal to a custom way you perform stunts, you’ll find your brand beginning to grow and connect with new athletes looking for a gym. Here are some of the top ways to do it.

Branding the Voiceover

Every team in your gym should have its own music mix, but there is something so exciting and connecting about having all songs share a voiceover. Whether it’s to shout the colors with the crowd or a chant about your team’s connection with the rest of the company, this voiceover helps casual listeners know exactly who your gym is, as well as signal to your athletes that they are truly part of a family. Get creative with this, too. You could use an empowering phrase just for the season, or you could just have the song shout your gym’s name. No matter what, this requires minimal effort and is a wonderful connection tool.

Customizing Your Stunts

The core of a stunt never really changes. You lift your flyer into the air and you come back down in some creative fashion. However, stunting creates a wonderful opportunity to brand your gym. Have all your bases do the same motion before they begin a stunt. Instruct all your flyers to do a hand gesture while pulling their scale. It doesn’t matter if your athletes are level one or level six, these choreography connections will tie together the “brand” of your gym to make each team recognizable, yet cohesive with your program. Have fun with this, and ask your athletes to come up with an idea if you’re stumped!

Creating a Jump Entry

Jumps are necessary for every routine, no matter the athletes’ age or level. Take the time to come up with a creative entry into your jump section that every team can imitate. We’ve seen simple motions to a high-V, then the jump, but we’ve also seen athletes go straight to clasping at a touchdown for the beginning of a jump. Make this as challenging or as simple as you would like, but having your entire company do the same jump entrance is a fun way to connect the kids and make your brand easier to spot at a competition. Plus, if you ever have practices overlapping one another, you can always have your teams practice jumps together. They will all have the same motions, after all!

Preparing to Stand Out at All-Star Cheerleading Nationals

These are obviously just a few ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless. Use a customized dance move, a specific ending pose, a particular routine structure — just make it yours. We know your athletes will love it. Show off your routine and branded choreography at the next WSA cheer competition. We look forward to seeing you in a city nearby!